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S.O.S: Save Our Shelter!

Chances are you or someone you know has been helped by FOCA

$660 raised

$400,000 goal

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Recently, the building we lease became available for purchase so we bought it! Or more correctly our bank bought it and now we owe them. That's why we’ve begun a grassroots campaign to pull together the $400,000 needed to buy the facility and make the needed upgrades as time and money permits. By donating you’ll be helping countless Monroe County people (and felines, of course) and while we’ll take ANY donation of any SIZE, there are four tiers we’re asking from donors like you:

  • SILVER - $100 or more
  • GOLD - $500 or more
  • PLATINUM - $1000 or more
  • DIAMOND - $5000 or more

When you contribute at one of these levels, not only is it tax deductible, you’ll be added to our ‘Wall of Supporters’ plaques so the community knows about your generosity, however, you can donate anonymously too. We’ll also supply you with a certificate of appreciation for your generosity, which you can display at your business or home, if you wish. Your donation, no matter what size, is much appreciated and helps our entire Monroe County community at large. For now though, thank you for seriously considering our much needed request.